We Bring The Gorge-Waa We Capture The Memories We Bring The Sun We Bring The Glam We Bring The Artistry

We Bring The Gorge-Waa

Full Service Bridal Glam

We Bring The Sun

Sunless Spray Tans

We Bring The Glam

Licensed Hair Technicians

We Bring The Artistry

Professional Makeup Artists

The glam squad and I are delighted to have you visit our new website.  D.G.S. is a nationwide glam booking service for hair, makeup, spray tan and photography.  Both the Ladies and Gentlemen can enjoy our full-service treatments at one convenient location.  We are excited to bring the Glam To You!

Spray Tan

Sunset Front



May 11 Mid Atlantic 2013 DGS  (11)


Black n white zebra