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Destination Glam Squad is the Tri-State Area's, top-rated competition beauty prep company.  Our one-of-a-kind team of rockstar beauty  experts is  specifically dedicated to glamming up competitors for staged events, including fitness, bodybuilding, cheerleading, ballroom dancing and fashion shows. DGS's glam technicians indulge you with the perfect final touches. We will ensure you'll  present your most polished package on stage.

Featured Services

  • Glamography

    Glam Me Up & Shoot Me Silly Destination Glam Squad offers a full treatment service…

  • Body Contouring Techniques

    Body Contouring Spray tanners are worldwide so what sets us apart from the others? Having an edge!…

  • Flawless Faces

    Making The World Glam, One Flawless Face At A Time We use only professional, photography friendly…

  • Tantalizing Tans

    The rules of glam have been the same for years, little black dress, skyrocket heals…





INSPIRED THROUGH PASSION our Artiest have for glam


MOTIVATED THROUGH TRANSFORMATION of your most beautiful self


EMPOWERED THROUGH STRENGTH of your own inner beauty to shine

Unstoppable Fire


When it comes to defying limitations, seizing opportunities and turning dreams into reality, Owner, Gina Lee Trochiano not only wrote the book but sent a breath of life into each page making her story not only compelling but extremely motivating. So, for anyone out there wondering just what they could do with their life if they abandoned the self-doubts they harbor in their mind and replaced them with the unstoppable fire of on!

"I never really had a plan, but whatever I chose to do I knew I would put a lot of hard work, dedication and 110 percent of my time into it. I have always wanted to go with the path that has been chosen...never letting any opportunity go to waste. I remember when I was little listening to cassette tapes on how to be an influential person and reading a book by OG Mandino called ‘The Greatest Salesmen in the World. I would read it over and over again, and as soon as my tapes were finished I would rewind them. So much of that has stuck with me and helped me to develop as a person."

You were involved in dance, gymnastics and cheerleading so I guess we could label you as ‘athletic' however, for your career you chose the corporate world initially. What attracted you to the stock market and telecommunications?

"Money, power and respect at first but really the excitement and thrill of opening a cold account or walking into a situation and dominating the meeting. I guess that is why I love competing. It is scary as all heck and pushing myself to face all my fears and through all mental and physical limitations is a thrill for me."